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Visit the historic Lowe Hotel in Point Pleasant, WV

Please call (304) 675-2260 or message us on Facebook to check the latest availability and seasonal rates.

The historic Lowe Hotel is located in the heart of the Point Pleasant Historic District at the corner of Fourth and Main Streets. Its grand structure was built in 1901 and originally named the Spencer Hotel in honor of J.S. Spencer. Then operated by two brothers, Homer and Griff Smith, the hotel was purchased by the Lowe family in 1929 after the stock market crash and renamed the Lowe Hotel. The hotel is now owned and managed by Ruth, Rush, and Marcia Finley, who purchased the Lowe in 1990. A visit to the Lowe gives a step back in time with today's conveniences. The Finleys have been continually upgrading the building and adding their personal touch to the business. The friendly atmosphere and hospitality create a very pleasant and restful experience for the traveler.

Experience History and Mystery

Point Pleasant is home to the legendary Mothman. In West Virginia folklore, the Mothman is a legendary creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area from November 12, 1966, to December 15, 1967. The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register dated November 16, 1966, titled "Couples See Man-Sized Bird ... Creature ... Something". The national press soon picked up the reports and helped spread the story across the United States.


Point Pleasant is now home of the world's only Mothman Museum and hosts the annual Mothman Festival right outside of our doors. Stay in a suite overlooking the festival, or with a riverfront view of the Ohio River. The Point Pleasant Riverfront Park is directly behind the Lowe, which boasts an amphitheater, riverfront walking trail, and murals along the floodwall that depict the town's history as the site of the First Battle of the American Revolutionary War.

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